Can I Detox From Oxycodone At Home?

Can I Detox From Oxycodone At Home?

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Withdrawal from oxycodone
Can I Detox From Oxycodone At Home?

Some individuals are able to quit oxycodone cold turkey, and detox is often required before they can attend a drug rehab. Detoxing from opiate use is not life threatening. Withdrawal symptoms may include diarrhea, runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing, as well as body aches and leg and arm spasms. The most serious withdrawal symptoms may last three to five days, but this depends on the amount of drug that was used.

Over time, the brain will heal and the opioid receptors will function properly again. Others may find that they are able to taper off of oxycodone. The tapering off method depends on how much oxycodone you have been taking and for how long you have been taking it and may require the aid of a friend or family member. If you are tapering off, you should swallow the medication with water and not chew, snort or shoot the oxycodone and you should take it on a strict schedule, hence the need for a friend to help you stay on the schedule and to monitor the amount of oxycodone you take at a time.

IV therapy medical detox is seen as the best method for detox from oxycodone. IV therapy is supervised by a physician and the use of intravenous therapy is important because it makes it possible for the doctor to adjust your medication safely and effectively and with an immediate response. Your withdrawal symptoms will be addressed and you will be kept comfortable allowing you to complete the detox process.

If you were prescribed oxycodone to kick your heroin addiction and you are not sure if you need detox, you should talk to your doctor. A doctor can best advise you on whether you need detox, or if you can taper off, or take one of the replacement therapy drugs to help you transition from oxycodone. It is a good idea to consider why you began taking oxycodone. Was it to control pain? Or did your use start recreationally? If you were prescribed oxycodone and the issue is not resolved, you may need to discuss it with your doctor as well before trying to detox from oxycodone from home.

Outpatient medical detox approaches include methadone clinics, or your doctor may prescribe suboxone. Both methadone and suboxone are opiate narcotics and are subject to over use and misuse just like oxycodone. While you are in effect substituting one drug for another, the idea is to do so for a short period of time.

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If you have tried quitting cold turkey or the tapering method and neither worked for you, perhaps you should seriously consider medical detox. There are several different options available for oxycodone detox including inpatient and outpatient, medical and nonmedical. Alternative Solutions For Overcome Oxycodone Use If you cannot do an inpatient program, then maybe you should consider one of the outpatient options. Outpatient detox includes the nonmedical approach of holistically relieving withdrawal symptoms through the use of acupuncture, meditation therapy and yoga and vitamin therapy. Although these approaches do not work for everyone, they may be helpful for you.

Withdrawal from oxycodone