Oxycodone Withdrawal

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02:19 | Joshua Addington
Withdrawal from oxycodone
Oxycodone Withdrawal

By the time addiction has taken hold, patients usually experience more severe symptoms, including but not limited to:

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Most commonly administered in its brand-name form, OxyContin, oxycodone is an extremely effective means of moderate to severe pain relief. Unfortunay it has also become one of the most dominant addiction threats of the last 30 years. Withdrawal from oxycodone yields a variety of painful and emotionally disturbing symptoms. Its alteration of brain chemistry and manipulation of pain receptors can cause patients to experience extreme physical and psychiatric distress after abrupt cessation. The Cottages of the Palm Beaches is well-versed in the bio-chemistry of oxycodone withdrawal, and is ready to provide compassionate and effective symptom relief to you or your loved one. The oxycodone withdrawal period can range from mildly unpleasant to severe and debilitating. In either scenario, it’s best that patients seek help for their withdrawal from a qualified addiction care expert. The duration and variety of withdrawal symptoms will be different for each patient depending upon their level of use. Withdrawal symptoms can also occur for patients decreasing the dosages that they’ve been taking for a legitimate pain injury. Before adjusting their oxycodone regiment in any way, patients need to consult their prescribing physician and prepare for any symptoms that may follow.

The symptoms of oxycodone withdrawal often occur in stages. Loved ones of patients who have been prescribed oxycodone for a diagnosed pain-related condition should look out for early warning signs, such as:

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The Cottages of the Palm Beaches specializes in providing patients with the support and care they need to successfully manage their oxycodone withdrawal. Don’t let fear of pain and illness become a roadblock to recovery. We're ready to help. Facebook Twitter Google+

Withdrawal from oxycodone