Rxmedico review

Rxmedico Reviews

11:39 | Matthew Adderiy
Rxmedico review
Rxmedico Reviews

Read 29 customer reviews of the Rxmedico www.rxmedico.com & compare with other Online Health & Beauty Shops at Review Centre.

" This is a great company. Love the products and shipping time. I liv... " Read More.

Written on: 23/03/2016 by mistyd87 (1 review written).

Does anyone have the local information on these guys. Home address business address local phone number. I ordered 20 days ago. Still in process. I will get my product or track them down and get my money back… Read Full Review Written on: 06/04/2016.

Look at my comment below please Written on: 02/02/2016.

i just purchased 30 roxys for 140 dollars so are you guys ling me this is just a trick site :((( Written on: 01/06/2015.

Written on: 22/03/2015 by Whitneyt464 (1 review written).

Written on: 26/09/2015 by 280Lawson (1 review written).

Hi jorde, I'm also awaiting a delivery in the UK.

Ripoff Report rxmedico Complaint Review Other 1212323

07:01 | Ethan Adamson
Rxmedico review
Ripoff Report rxmedico Complaint Review Other 1212323

Rxmedico Complaint Review: rxmedico total scam fn rip off send money then get stating your item is tied up with customs ask for 700 more.

In order to assure the best results in your search:

IS a complete ripoff do not place order with this company. The company RXMEDICO. They also supply customer with fake shopping documents. They also threaten to turn you into customs to scare you into sending more money. Then claim item was shipped but due to customs issues you must send them 700.00 usd. This company ask you to purchase product. This extra money is to purchase a document that will get your item released from customs.

Corporate Advocacy Program: The best way to manage and repair your business reputation.

RxMedico.com Pharmacy Review

10:29 | Hannah Hoggarth
Rxmedico review
RxMedico.com Pharmacy Review

RxMedico.com. When you look on the internet for a pharmacy to go with, you've decided to go down this road because overall you want to save.

You could easily pay for them out of pocket if you wanted to. You might find that paying for them out of pocket isn’t an option or that insurance will only cover a portion of the cost. On the other hand, options that are made to treat more serious problems/issues can cost a lot. When you look on the internet for a pharmacy to go with, you’ve decided to go down this road because overall you want to save money right? Sure, some medications aren’t that expensive.

Here’s the three main things we feel users will like about Rxmedico:.

Rxmedico.com Reviews - Online Pharmacy Reviews

06:11 | Olivia Holiday
Rxmedico review
Rxmedico.com Reviews - Online Pharmacy Reviews

Rxmedico.com is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy Be the first to write a review on SiteJabber What is this? LegitScript has partnered with a couple of companies.

LegitScript has reviewed this Internet pharmacy and determined that it does not meet LegitScript Internet pharmacy verification standards.

LegitScript has partnered with a couple of companies, including SiteJabber and MyWot, that have Internet pharmacy customer reviews. However, be aware that we don't monitor these reviews to determine if they are accurate, or who posted the reviews. (The reviews could be left by real customers; or, a positive review could be left by the company itself and a negative review could be left by a competitor.) In any case, by pointing you to this third-party site, LegitScript doesn't warrant or promise that the review is accurate, only that it is another source of information on the pharmacy above.

Dependable Verification and Monitoring of Merchants, Advertisers and Websites URL: http://rxmedico.com.

Additionally, LegitScript has determined that this pharmacy website meets our definition of a "Rogue Internet Pharmacy".

Review: Be the first to write a review on SiteJabber What is this?

The latest WHOIS record we have for this website is from 12 days ago:

Approval Status: ROGUE ( Definition ).

An Internet pharmacy is rogue if it qualifies as unapproved, and:

Black List

04:31 | Hannah Hoggarth
Rxmedico review
Black List

77 replies; 31,212 views. Randy-mon; Monday at 6:58 PM. Jewbacca. Midtown Medical Group · 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 16. By Jewbacca, 8 Jan 2014. vendors.

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