6 hospitalized in Pee Dee after taking 'counterfeit' roxicodone

02:55 | Ethan Adamson
6 hospitalized in Pee Dee after taking 'counterfeit' roxicodone

The pills, which look similar to Roxicodone, are being sold on the streets as the pain killer, but in fact contain no amount of oxycodone, adds.

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Synthetic cannabinoid has recently become more prevalent, says Major Nunn, especially since the recent trend of the popular vaping devices. A formal, full report of the counterfeit tablet is pending, preliminary findings suggest that this synthetic THC may be as much as 100 times more potent than that found in regular marijuana, reports Major Nunn.

Three men were arrested after an Alabama home was burglarized on April 14. The victim caught three suspects entering the home and stealing b… Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement.

FLORENCE, SC – Florence County Disabilities Foundation will sponsor the 3rd Annual Art Contest, “Amazing Art by Special Artists” from Monday… Clear.

Major Michael Nunn with Florence County Sheriff’s Office says narcotics investigators have been working in Florence and Williamsburg Counties attempting to find the people selling the poisonous tablets.

Cops Stafford man had Roxicodone, cash

12:35 | Ethan Adamson
Cops Stafford man had Roxicodone, cash

Stafford Police say Allen Healy of Manahawkin was distributing Roxicodone pills in the parking lot of a movie theater.

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STAFFORD — A 57-year-old Stafford man was arrested Saturday outside of a Regal Cinema on Route 72, where police say he was selling Roxicodone tablets, a brand of the opioid painkiller oxycodone.

Those 98 tablets had a street value of about $3,000, Dellane said.

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The Asbury Park Press asked Stafford Police for a photo of the suspect, but they declined, saying such photos are not considered public records and releasing them is against department policy under normal circumstances.

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This photo illustration shows a legal prescription for Oxycodone 512, a powerful narcotic.

#roxicodone hashtag on Twitter

02:15 | Ethan Adamson
#roxicodone hashtag on Twitter

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Red pill or blue pill? I'll choose the pink ones for now. # Oxycodone # Roxicodone # TheMatrix # IFC # Roxicodone.

SmoothFLL: by pluggedinphilly22 http:// Mallin's. /HdNRloxbBj. # blues # roxicodone # oxycodone # oxycontin # nodds … pic.

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Roxicodone FanFiction

07:35 | Hannah Hoggarth
Roxicodone FanFiction

Roxicodone is a fanfiction author that has written 4 stories for Final Fantasy VII.

My first OTP, born before the internet and fanfics: Romy. Remy Etienne "Gambit" Lebeau makes my heart pitter-patter and Rogue is his ultimate match. I grew up watching the 90s X-Men cartoons and fell in love with them both...There's so much longing between the two. It makes the romantic in me want to weep and cheer and plead for their happy ending.


I remember writing my first piece of fiction when I was 7 years of age. The prompt was "Aliens," done for a class assignment. I've been hooked ever since.

It's just...I always found her too... girly. Like, dude, you're so pretty. Can't you at least sweat even a little ? We've been walking a long time. I digress.

Don't get me wrong, I like Aerith! She's a great character, one who challenges me fiercely as a writer because I'm so very afraid I'll never do her justice. Her heart, her thoughts, her complete disposition is frightening to me.

I love Tifa (the bestest ) and I like Cloud (mostly because Tifa does) and LOVE them together; there can never be one without the other.

Currently working on :

My forever love and perfect OTP is: CloTi. I adore Cloud and Tifa together, so much it is painful. Their yawning, angsty past and present was what inspired me to start writing fanfiction in the first place.

I read somewhere that everyone got Aerith on the Gold Saucer date the first time they played through FF VII. I declare to you that is wrong because I did not - and I didn't even know the premise of the game (I didn't have easy access to the World Wide Web in those days and played blindly until I got myself a good ol' paged, printed-in-full-color guide!), which makes my love for Tifa, err—CloTi all the more precious to me—err, us.

Ever Requited - My original muse.

Choose the Color of Your Blues - drabbles and stuff focused on FF7 because sometimes bunnies tend to hover until you succumb. Completed: Her Love Story.

Percocet vs roxicodone - Pain Management

03:05 | Joshua Addington
Percocet vs roxicodone - Pain Management

My question is: Does Roxicodone work as well as Percocet? Background information-- I was in a near fatal MVA 14 years ago and now suffer.

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