Oxycontin milligrams

OxyContin overdose How much amount of OxyContin to OD

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Oxycontin milligrams
OxyContin overdose How much amount of OxyContin to OD

OxyContin can cause overdose in single doses greater than 40 mg. Total daily doses should not exceed 80 mg in opioid-naive individuals.

Hi Karla. OxyContin, like other opioids (narcotics) can decrease the sex drive, but usually the most significant effect is that it makes ejaculation more difficult for men. If he is taking large doses, it can affect his interest in sex, but usually he should be able to perform.

Most unintentional OxyContin overdose deaths are related to the nationwide increase in the use of prescription drugs, opioid painkillers in particular. The abuse of prescription drugs, is responsible for a large percentage of the increase in drug poisoning deaths. Any OxyContin abuse is extremely risky and could result in death. You should only ever swallow OxyContin, because it is a controlled release medication, and very powerful. You increase your risk of overdose when you chew, crush, snort, or inject OxyContin.

I am very concerned about my mom. she recently had a total knee replacement& was discharged from the hospital today. When she got home she took OxyContin at 5:30 pm & again at 6:00pm because she said it was not working fast enough. I am concerned about overdose. she is supposed to take it every 6 hours but wants to take it every 4hours instead. She took another dose at 10:00pm. The visiting nurse is coming tomorrow but should she get her stomache pumped from potential overdose?

if someone took 20 or 30 20 mg of Oxycontin in one day would it hurt them.

The most dangerous complication of OxyContin overdose is slowed or shallow breathing. An OxyContin overdose can even cause your breathing to stop, if you take enough of the drug.

I’ve been on 400mg 2x80mg twice daily and 2x40mg twice daily but because of overuse ( sometimes up to 1000mg a day including oxy norm which the Dr became aware of after many months of the surgery overprescribing) I am now on 400mg daily for chronic health back problems and failed spinal surgery. I work in construction and without my medication I would not be in employment. Try and stick to the recommended dose as things can quickly spiral out of control with devastating consequences. Thankfully I’m here to l my story.

I’ve been taking 180mg a day for 6 years of oxytocin. how much is too much.

Safe dosing levels depend on the strength of OxyContin you’ve been prescribed. OxyContin comes in formulas in different strengths, including 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 60, and 80 mg tablets. Because you’ll develop OxyContin tolerance over time, doctors increase OxyContin doses gradually. When they do this, they consider a number of different variables, including your age, weight, health, and other medications you might be taking.

Overdose and death affect more men than women, and mostly people in the working years of their lives. People who are prescribed OxyContin at higher doses, or who need to take it frequently, have a much more substantial overdose risk.

Hello Alex. Thanks for your question. This can be best answered by a pharmacist or Medical Review Officer who works in a diagnostic or toxicology laboratory. There are other factors such as as weight, height, etc. that can influence expected levels of oxycodone metabolites in a drug test and you’ll need an expert opinion on this.

I have a friend on the phone ling me that her granddaughter took 18 oxycontin at 15 mg… she is 16 yrs old & the sunshine hospital sent her home. I think she is in danger, Is she ? Please help.

If you have any questions about safe amounts of OxyContin in your system, please leave them here. We are happy to try to help answer your questions about OxyContin, and will try to respond with a personal and prompt reply for all legitimate queries. Share 0 5 30.

I take 10mg oxycontin every 12 hours for arthritis. I don’t know if I accidently took 2 tonight or there was a miscount in my pill container. What should I watch for?

Since one year ago I have a diagnosis for a prostate cancer followed by bone metastasis. I have been regularly taking OxyContin LP and progressively, since three months ago I have reached the level of 220 mg a day (100 + 120 mg) and 30 OxyNorm every two hours if needed. I am going through a very hard period and sometimes I am tempted to auto increase the dosage of OxyContin LP and/or OxyNorm but I am very worried to overdose. How much more, in excess of 220 mg of OxyCintin would generate an overdose effect ?

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Can long uso of oxy cause muscle toxicity such as drop foot and numbness in hands and forearm or shoulder?

All clear. The missing pill showed up. No double dose here.

It’s easy to accidentally take too much OxyContin. If you’re not getting the pain relief you need from your normal dose, you may try to increase your dosing amounts or frequency. But if you take too much OxyContin, you can overdose. Sometimes people take too much OxyContin on purpose, because they’re trying to get high OxyContin, but accidentally overdose in the process. In fact, one of the known OxyContin snorting effects is overdose. And an OxyContin overdose can even be the result of an attempted suicide.

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The amount of OxyContin that is safe for you depends on whether you’ve recently been exposed to opioid medications or not. In fact, the amount OxyContin you can handle is relative to how tolerant your body already is to OxyContin, opiates,and opioids. Just one 60 mg tablet could be dangerous if you’ve never taken the drug before, although some OxyContin users can tolerate much higher doses. In fact, a single doses of more than 40 mg OxyContin, or total daily doses greater than 80 mg is too much for someone who’s just started the medicine. These doses may cause fatal respiratory depression when given to people new to OxyContin. So be careful to follow your doctor’s instructions when trying this medication for the first time. Even so, how much OxyContin is too much really depends on your own body chemistry.

I take 3@60 mg’s a day. Is that too much ?

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I have been taking oxycontin 60mg 2 xs daily plus 15mg oxycodone 4 times daily what would be my blood level concentration in my system if tested??

Hello Paul. Is that amount recommended by a doctor? If not, then consult GP before taking anything.

Michael, I can’t answer your question as I am not in that business. But to get an answer you need to specify what strength and how often. Like for example, I am on 30 Mg 3 times per day (90 Mg total), all during my awake hours. People quoting their total daily consumption cause a vaccum.

OxyContin can help you control symptoms of pain but can also become toxic when you take too much of it. And overdosing on OxyContin isn’t just for the addict. In fact, the vast majority of drug poisoning OxyContin deaths are accidents. So how can you prevent an unintentional OxyContin overdose? We’ll explore this question here, and look at the risk factors for OxyContin overdose here. Your questions about how much OxyContin to OD are welcomed at the end.

If I’ve never taken any kind of pill and take (6) 60mg oxi.. Would that kill me? And how long would i have?

I take 30 mg Oxycontin two times a day with 5 mg oxycodone for breakthrough pain. As needed. I have bedn diagnosed with MS. I AM 73 and 158 lbs. i want to go off slowly as I am not sure if the drugs can cause leg pain. Dr. does not know as all MS is different. Today woke up with severe leg pain and took two 5 mg. I normally start with a 30 plus plus two 5 mg. Finally at -9:30 I began to think I perhaps HAD taken a 30 in the early morning as usual. Since I thought I had not taken a 30 I went ahead and took a 30 at 9:30 am. So that comes to two 30s’s and a two in under 4 hrs. Is this a lethal dosage. I have taken up to 90 for the past two yrs. Is this totally confdental ? I am not having any peticular sign of distress.

Hello Flavio. You can try calling the Poison Controll Center on, or you can ask your pharmacist for advise.

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In an emergency, OxyContin overdose doesn’t need to be fatal. If you delay treatment, though, an OxyContin overdose can be deadly or can result in permanent brain damage. Difficulty breathing can cut off air to the brain and cause permanent health issues. In fact, more serious cases of OxyContin overdose may require doctors to administer oxygen. This will help you breath. Other times, medicine called Naloxone (Narcan) is given to counteract the effects of OxyContin. But as long as breathing hasn’t been compromised, you can usually recover from an OxyContin OD without long-term health effects.

can Oxycontin effect a 47 yr old males ability to perform sexually????

Hi, I am prescribed 80 mg 3x daily of Oxycontin and 15 mg 2x daily Oxycodone and have taken the same mg for the past two (2) years. Recently, I began noticing a significant change in pain tolerance, either from an increased pain level or decreased relief from the pain medication I am prescribed to take on a daily basis. Is there any way to determine if my body has become immune to pain meds or if my pain level has actually signifacantly increased? Also, on average, what is the highest allowable daily dosage of Oxycontin for a caucasian female, 5’8″ with medium build? Thank you for your help in advance.

I and 67, 150 lbs and 5 ft. I take 30mg oxycoytin, tid and percoset bid. I am having problems with shortness of breath and sometimes some pain in my chest it goes away after just a few minutes. is this related to taking the pain meds?

I’m prescribed 400 mg a day of Oxy and I don’t feel any of it. At what point with my tolerance is overdosing a risk?

Hi, Marty. Numbness may be possible as a side effect of using OxyContin.

I have been going through a deep depression, and I am on anti depressant currently. I have been contemplating to take my life by means of taking more oxys than I take currently for pain. I take 2-3 OP80’s for my pain management for over 2 years, but I was wondering if taking 5 or 10 at one time would put me to sleep and slow my breathing and heart rate down until it eventually stops. Do you think that would work or should I increase the amount.

Sherri, l your friend to Call the Poison Controll Center on to talk to a poison expert. They can make a free-over-the-phone assessment of overdose risk and give her instructions on what to do next.

Hi it took me 3 years fighting in UK to be prescribed Oxy Codone im on 60 mg a day 2 30mg tablets with subutex in morning for pain them later in day. Subuterx varied from 6mg to 24 mg i have been on everything in my life i fond oxy does same up hooter whetehr its a 30 or a 60 dose. I have taken in one day 200mg with no daily tolerance to it and find its bar the sleep same buzz the tolerance isnt worth abusing it. Getting it prescribed was biggest hassle being seen as pain patient not junkie.

Hello Melissa. Call to be in touch with the National Poison Control network. They can assess her risk of overdose on the phone.

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I work in the recovery field in the Los Angeles Area, a lot of the clients we work with are now heroine addicts. Primarily, most of the heroine addicts started using prescription drugs such as oxycontin and xanax. Its a very disturbing trend that is big in the Southern California area. Thank you for sharing this information, hopefully it will continue to bring awareness to the prescription drug problem.

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I recently overdosed on oxycotin 30 mg and I have severe back pains friend gave me oxycotin 80mg how many time do I break the 80 mg up into to avoid a overdose n the correct amount to avoid over dose trip to er I weigh 115 lbs 5’5.

Hi, Eva. It’s possible. I suggest you consult with your doctor or a pharmacist.