OxyContin Addiction, Side Effects, Withdrawal and Treatment

OxyContin Addiction, Side Effects, Withdrawal and Treatment

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Oxycodone withdrawal symptoms
OxyContin Addiction, Side Effects, Withdrawal and Treatment

If you have a friend or family member who may be abusing OxyContin, you need to learn to identify the signs of addiction – many of which are similar to those of other abused prescription drugs that are being increasingly misused as recreational substances.

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Many individuals are prescribed OxyContin and other painkiller medications as a result of sports injuries. While short-term use of the medication as prescribed is meant to bring about controlled pain relief and improve everyday functioning, some people end up developing an unhealthy opioid dependence that may persist long after the initial sports injury has sufficiently healed.

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If you or someone you know has progressed from occasional recreational abuse to a level of compulsive use that might indicate a serious OxyContin addiction, now is the time to seek help. Over time, OxyContin abuse can exact steep psychological and physical tolls.

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When you are ready to look into your options for getting addiction help, you will want to know about a few different treatment facility types that may suit you, depending on your needs and budget.

Despite their many efforts, doctors are not always able to control how OxyContin is used, as a substantial amount of the drug ends up being diverted for illicit use. The addictive nature of OxyContin (generic name oxycodone) necessitates it being a tightly controlled substance. Doctors are ever aware of the epidemic of OxyContin abuse in this country, and will stress the importance of monitoring your intake of this potent painkiller, should it be prescribed.

Some individuals who are already in the grips of an addiction to OxyContin may spend months or even years saying that they are making the choice to casually and periodically enjoy the drug – that their compulsive use is not actually controlling their lives. Many times, there is a slow transition from recreational drug use to addiction.

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Some who have gone through a traumatic experience may develop a condition known as post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.

Any of these symptoms may indicate the need for immediate medical attention and further help from an OxyContin rehab program 2:

While the psychological addiction to OxyContin may in some cases remain a lifelong battle, the good news is that most of these mental side effects will resolve with time once you stop taking OxyContin. The key to permanently ridding yourself of these side effects, however, is staying off of OxyContin.

Some individuals fall prey to developing an addiction as a response to their personal or social history that may involve:

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Stage 2 (8 to 24 hours): Between 8 to 24 hours after your last OxyContin dose, you may begin to experience:

While you may find it easier to spot physical signs of addiction, sometimes more subtle behavioral changes are the clearest indication that there is something wrong and that your loved one needs OxyContin rehab help.

It’s also important to note that if you have compromised kidney function, the drug may more quickly accumulate in your system – to potentially toxic levels.3.

The process of acute opioid withdrawal will unfold differently for each individual. In general, however, those going through the detox process may expect to experience three stages of withdrawal. In some individuals, these stages can even begin within the first 8 hours since taking your last dose of OxyContin4:.

It is prescribed in efforts to relieve or manage a patient’s pain. As a powerful synthetic opioid, OxyContin is a medication with effects similar to morphine.

Stage 3 (up to 3 days): Beyond 24 hours after your last OxyContin dose, your withdrawal symptoms may progress to:

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Are You Addicted? Signs of Addiction Side Effects of Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms Treatment Facility Types Factors of Addiction Find Treatment.

Individuals coping with PTSD are particularly likely to self-medicate with OxyContin or with other drugs – and may therefore be at higher risk addiction. PTSD is often seen in the context of military personnel who have faced the horrors of war. But it can also be a problem for people who have survived accidents, witnessed crimes or have been victims of assaults.

These signs and symptoms may signal less urgent issues, but can still be quite be painful and inconvenient. Nausea and vomiting.

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OxyContin affects users’ brains differently. Be on the lookout for some of these mental health side effects:. When a state of OxyContin dependency has been reached, however, it is inevitable that the drug has already had a profound effect on your brain chemistry and quality of life.

If you find yourself taking OxyContin every day in larger doses than would typically be prescribed, or continually using it merely to avoid the onset of withdrawal, it would be wise to talk with a healthcare professional to assess your level of addiction and discuss the best plan for tapering back off the drug. Physical withdrawal from opioids may be painful and difficult, but it is rarely a life-threatening event. However, the experience can easily lead to continued drug use, to keep the symptoms at bay.

Certain mental health conditions may make you especially susceptible to developing an OxyContin addiction, even if you begin taking it as a prescribed medication:

What causes people to develop an OxyContin addiction in the first place?

Even if you don’t opt for a lengthy inpatient rehab program, getting through withdrawal in a hospital or with a healthcare professional will often be much easier on you and those around you than trying to do it at home.

The behavioral signs of OxyContin addiction include:

How can you know if you’re addicted to OxyContin? Ask yourself these questions and see whether it might be time to re-evaluate your thoughts on your own drug habit:

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Since narcotic drugs – both street drugs and prescription medications – have very high relapse rates, it is important to have the right resources in place to help with relapse prevention. Staying in contact with a therapist and making sure you know where and how to attend free support group meetings can help you maintain abstinence once you are freed from your addiction.

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Stage 1 (up to 8 hours): Within as little as 8 hours after your last dose, you may feel:

The physical signs of OxyContin addiction include:

Oxycodone withdrawal symptoms