Oxycodone uk

The Truth About Britain's Looming 'Middle-Class Heroin Crisis'

02:21 | Ethan Adamson
Oxycodone uk
The Truth About Britain's Looming 'Middle-Class Heroin Crisis'

All the talk about rising oxycodone prescriptions in the UK causing a middle-class heroin crisis is gold-plated baloney.

Oscar D'Agnone, medical director at CRI, the UK's biggest drug charity which treats 17,000 drug users, says oxycodone doesn't register high on his radar.

The root cause of the prescription drug epidemic, especially in the US, was perhaps not back ache or neck pains, but the need to avoid or mollify bad feelings. The drive to become medicalised is not just about opioid painkillers.

"We thought the big problem with these drugs was addiction. Now we realise the problem is with patients who take them and basically opt out of life," one medical expert told the New York Times reporter Barry Meier, who has written two books on America's OxyContin disaster.

In 2012 there were 31 deaths in the UK linked to oxycodone, a fraction of the thousands who die as a result of the drug in the US each year and far less than deaths from Tramadol.

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She explained that Britain's medical system and its drug scene are very different to America's.

'Hillbilly heroin' epidemic warning Daily Mail Online

03:31 | Hannah Hoggarth
Oxycodone uk
'Hillbilly heroin' epidemic warning Daily Mail Online

Oxycodone is a synthetic form of morphine, but is twice as strong, and is usually prescribed to cancer sufferers. Tablets became available in the UK and Ireland a.

They are peddled for less than heroin - at £5 to £20 each - and are just as addictive.

The drug, a prescriptiononly painkiller sold in tablets under the trade name Oxy-Contin, is known in America as 'hillbilly heroin' or 'poor man's heroin' because of its abuse in rural areas since the brand was first sold there in 1996.

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The coroner at the inquest into Samantha's death warned of the dangers of abusing prescription medicines, and a spokesman for HM Customs and Excise said yesterday: 'We are aware that people are trying to obtain supplies of these pills in the UK to use as a recreational drug.'.

'Every parent should be aware of this drug.

Oxycodone Explained UK news The Guardian

04:39 | Joshua Addington
Oxycodone uk
Oxycodone Explained UK news The Guardian

What is Oxycodone used for? Oxycodone is a prescription drug used to relieve chronic pain. It has the same potency as morphine and a similar.

How many people have died from using the drug?

Luke Skrebowski.

Sunday 24 March 2002 02.32 GMT Last modified on Wednesday 6 January 2016 11.46 GMT.

But the drug is increasingly rapidly spreading to US cities and to other social groups, as well as internationally. As well as being relatively inexpensive, it is often much easier to misuse a prescribed drug than to secure other drugs in these areas. Oxycodone acquired its nickname due to disproportionay high addiction rates among rural communities becoming endemic in poor, sparsely populated areas such as the Appalachian valley (the poorest region of the States).

What adverse effects does the drug have?

How has the trend spread?

But the recent exponential increase in the number of addicts which follows the release of a much more potent oxycodone variant, trademarked OxyContin.

Fears raised of heroin epidemic in UK as use of painkiller

12:01 | Matthew Adderiy
Oxycodone uk
Fears raised of heroin epidemic in UK as use of painkiller

Oxycodone is an opioid derived from thebaine, which in turn is The fears originate from a report released a right-wing UK thinktank, the.

In the US the drug is nicknamed "hillbilly heroin" because of abuse in rural areas. Abuse is not confined to the poor. Hollywood actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died from overdosing on oxy and heroin.

Nevertheless, the Centre for Social Justice is calling for prescription numbers for each GP practice to be made available and for more frequent reviews of repeat prescriptions.

However, whether a new heroin epidemic will follow on from the rise in oxycodone prescriptions is highly questionable.

The fears originate from a report released a right-wing UK thinktank, the Centre for Social Justice, which does not number any medical professionals among its staff.

Oxycodone is an opioid derived from thebaine, which in turn is extracted from opium poppies.


01:09 | Olivia Holiday
Oxycodone uk

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