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Oxycodone high

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Look for a doctor of Chinese medicine or naturopathic doctor for help. There are herbs and natural treatments that will help you without all the harmful side effects. I'd look at acupuncture treatments all with a gradual change in diet to help slowly relieve your use of the rx.

I pray that all of you hurting will find relief starting today!! Thank you for reading and may God bless you always!! Robert 1 Feb 2013. I have been in 3 auto accidents and suffer w/ chronic back pain. I wear a Duragesic Patch 75 every 72 hours as well. Is anyone even close to that? I don't crush, snort, or anything like that, my tolerance has just risen over the years. Sometimes I feel like I am just taking up space cause I can't work, I take 4 oxycontin 80mg which only makes the pain managable at best. Mine is such a long story that I'll wait for responses before I continue.

Cindi. I have had 12 surgeries and I am beyond anymore repair so I must rely on pain meds & therapy to help me do everyday simple things. like laundry, cleaning. etc. Don't ever give up because your family needs you and God will get us through these tough times! God Bless You.

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21 Aug 2009. Goodc Luck. Today, I have a neuro stimulator impl;anted ion my back antake 30 mg morphins xr BID with percocet 10/325 for breakthough pain.

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28 Jul 2009. My brother is a chrontic pain person also, in AZ, & he gets Oxycotin (without tylenol ) 30mg 3 to 4 times a day, & also they give him 180 a month of oxycodone (with tylenol) for breakthrough pain. Good luck to you.

Don't lose your faith! You'll be in my prayers, remember that you are NOT just 'taking up space', there is always a purpose. 9 Apr 2012. What can you do from home that would make you feel good (not pain wise, mentally) ? I bet there are many people in your position and starting/joining a support group may help amazingly.

I usually take about 3. I have been taking Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen 10/325's(Imprint "Watson 853) for about 6 months now for chronic pain.

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13 May 2012. the brand name for oxycodone is just not percocet, and yes percocet is just the brand name for oxycodone/apap.

Expand. I know how you feel. The dose you take does sound high and you must be careful because it can cause SCA-Sudden Cardiac Arrest. I also wear a patch. This does help but like you I have built a tolerance to the pain meds I have been taking. Not the same as a heart attack-your heart just stops beating period! Ask your Doctor or another Doctor if necessary. It is sad because people like ourselves must suffer for those who just want to get high. I was perscribed roxicondone which did finally work but was taken off the market shortly after because it is now a popular street drug. I will be 51 in a couple of weeks and have not been able to work due to the constant pain. Hello Robert- I take high doses of percocet for my chronic back pain. I nearly had my neck broken when I was rear-ended by a tractor tailer as I was stopped in traffic on 6/2/06. I go to physical therapy 3 times a week for electornic muscle ralaxation & massage therapy.

I added you to try and pm you but it said you had to add me too. Hi Robert_325 I know this is an old post but was just trying to see if I responded to your comment it would go to you. Thx for your time, Matt. I was wondering if you had some advice for a slow taper off of percocets. Been a long 15 years, I'm tired and could use the advice and wisdom you have.

I went on it at 44, & felt useless too, but eventually with some counseling I leaned to accept it too. My husband was declared totally disabled at 32 & it took him years to accept it, but finally has & is ok with it now. of 2010. Looking forward to hearing from you. Since it's been so long, how about an update on your meds? We're here for you anytime. If you are fairly young, it's even worse. Anyone with chrontic pain & on that amount of pain killers or not, gets to feeling that way. You have to accept that this is your plight & take it a day at a time. It's been a great comfort. I found out there are a lot more people in my situation since I joined this fabulous site in Jan. Let us know how you're doing. Fishawn, First of all, YOU ARE NOT, I REPEAT NOT just taking up space! Hope in the 9 months since you posted you have changed your attitude.

I'll need the whole thing from a departed soul. Acetamenaphin, (Tylenol and other things that contain it) can and WILL wreak havoc on your liver. 13 Aug 2010. My body didn't take long to get accusomed to the increasing amounts of narcotics I was taking. A new doctor will wean you off (never stop abruptly!) and ease you onto something else that will damage your body less. To shorten this greatly, I now have stage 4 (worst) cirhossis of the liver,and am being seen by the transplant center in our area of the US. I'm working on the same and pray I get there soon. Due to its severity, I can't have the kind of surgery where they give you just part of a living liver and let it regenerate itself. There ARE other types of drugs out there that can be used at a much safer level. Just as you have rebound headaches, you can have rebound pain from injuries. He now takes Advil 500 (Ibuprophen) 1 or 2 times daily. If you notice the first is constipation - I didn't notice any due to the constant diareahha of the other stuff. {For headaches, even migraines, we rub some oil of peppermint mixed in shea butter on the temples - works!) Good luck to all of you and just take it to the Lord in prayer. That's it!! And he is in a lot less pain than ever before. My friend that first told me about this, I'd seen go from taking Lortab 10/500 ea. Yes, I'm on the waiting list for a total transplant. 3 hrs & Oxycotin 10/325 ea 3 hrs; alternating the pills so he'd get a new tablet each 1.5 hours.

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I'll watch for your post. But you should probably post on the forum and you'll get lots more replies if you want an ongoing conversation. I've been clean for years now. You're on a HIGH amount of RX opiates. Just start a new thread there and you'll get lots of replies. God bless. I was there too at one point taking LOTS more than you are. That's a very simple call.

cat if memory serves me correctly you should not take more than 4000mg of tylenol in 24 hours, acetaminophen which is tylenol is hard on the liver.

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I've taken oxycodone/acetaminophen before and it worked for the pain at that time. Now (years later) I pulled some muscles in my back and the.

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That is pretty high dose. That sometimes works for me. Would not wish this on anybody, ever! What about Methadone with the oxy. Can't wear the patches, allergic. I wish the best of luck cause I am in the same boat.

13 Mar 2012. Wishing you pain-free moments throughout each day.

im outraged. i understand what u guys are going through. ALL DAY! God bless u all. he is a quack! im in pain!!! all it is, is all of the celebrities and addicts making it harder for us that are really hurting to get any relief. life is already hard enough without being in chronic pain EVERY SINGLE DAY. i hope we can all find some help soon.

hey, hope u dont mind me asking but is oxycodone the same as acetaminophen?

My doctor won't go any higher than the 10/325 Percocet. Most doctors are stuck at the 5/325 point and you have to really be able to prove you are in a severe amount of pain for them to go up to the 7.5 or the 10/325 pills. I hope you are still reading answers left for you here. Yes, the Oxycontin 80/325 that you are taking is a very large dose. So currently I am taking Kadian, a time release morphine, 100 mg twice a day, Percocet 10/325 every 4 to 6 for breakthrough pain, 150 a month, Fentanyl patches, one every 72 hrs, Lidoderm patches 5% for localized pain, and now Gralise, 1800 mg each night plus all the meds I take for my migraine headaches. She just keeps adding stuff into the mix. Expand. Talk about side-effects, but which med are they coming from?And the worst part? I'm still in pain! But I can sure l the difference if I miss a dose! It's real, not psychological.

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I know in my situation I take these pain meds as well and in order to get the proper dosage from my doctor I have to first of all be honest with myself. 24 Apr 2012. Do the pills really remove my pain? Do I take them just to keep my mind off of the pain replacing it with a buzz? Am I so addicted that now I take them to avoid detox more than to releive pain. I take a small amount daily and refuse to climb the ladder because now matter how much i take, once I taper off to expect that amount daily my pain is not releived and I just need more and more to feed the addiction, not releive the pain. It is a very fine line and once you are honest with yourself you can then talk to your doctor as to weather you should wean yourself down or not. Well, if the doctor is prescribing this he probably is going on what you l him reguarding your pain.

oxycodone is the generic for percocet with acetophinamine in which is nothing more than tylenol.However one should only take so much tylenol a day as well dmlady.

i have been dealing with low back pain for a couple of years now. i have a 2yr old and a 4yr old. i have arthritis, deterioration, a twisted pelvic bone, and a nerve problem. its very sad. he still says there is no "medical reason" as to why i need 4 pills a day. my dr doesnt want me taking such high doses cuz im only 25. Expand. i was rear-ended too. but he isnt making any effort to try and fix the problem! if he could fix me, i wouldnt need the meds. he refered me to pain management and that dr lowered my dose to 1 a day. i cant even get in the floor and play with them like i use to. i dont wanna get addicted, but i need them to do my everyday chores too. my dr had me on lorcet 10s 4 times a day. the meds are the only thing that helps me function. it helps me get out of bed in the mornings but by the time i get to work, im in so much pain, im in tears.

changed her from Norco 10's to Oxycodone 20, and over the past 3 weeks apparently it has built up in her system. . She has only been taking 3.

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i heard if you wear a pain patch and take a drug test, it shows up like cocaine. thats alot stronger than oxycodone. i think he said oxycontin.

I've given up ever hoping to meet someone. My problem isn't so severe as yours I have had 3 back ops and have chronic pain. I realise it is easy to feel that way especially when you are in pain. At the moment I am getting no relief from the pain. Robert Please don't ever say you are taking up space because you can't work. Try not to get down I realise that's easier said than done. I hope you are starting to find some pain relief now. I haven't been able to work now for almost 4 years and I spend most of the day lying in bed because I cannot sit or the pain becomes much worse. 17 Sep 2012. The doctors at least are trying to find something to help. I'm 40 and single. I take oxycodone 40 every morning and night along with tapentadol and lyrica. We each have a place and a purpose in this life.

You're not alone, reach out, it'll help you cope. For someone not used to taking opiates you are on very high doses. Compared to say a terminal cancer patient your not even scratching the surface. 16 Feb 2011. Based on your report of what's causing your pain I'd call it an average dose, especially because your close to what I take. Seek out other "partners in pain" and I don't mean people getting it illegally. As for taking up space, I'd point you toward a local support group. Chronic pain is no joke, it's 24/7 and never sleeps. Really depends on what you compare it too.

I hate the new oxycontin, it doesn't work. He. I have tried every pain med available. My doc refuses to give me more than 120 15 mg of oxycodone.

If you're on this amount of medication but still suffering, maybe you need to seek a second opinion from another doctor. HOWEVER - depending on the pain contract you probably signed - you may need to l your current doctor before you make the appointment with the second doctor. Asking for an okay to seek a second opinion might get your current doctor wondering what he/ she's missed that you're still having problems.

I would try all outlets before turning to any pain medication,its very addicting and hard to come off of.I also needed and need pain meds. due to cronic pain and 8 surgeries but if I can help someone else say no to them I will.Im in the process of stoping before my life is runioned any more,Im a very head strong women and have never had a addictive personality until them.I never seen it coming and they have almost runioned my intire life.So I hope I didnt afend you and hope it helps you I know being able to say it helps me so thank you for listening. 5 Aug 2010.

It caused so much damage they removed (6/'05) 3 feet small & 28" of large intestines, appendix, ilium, secum, Valve, parts of abdominal wall & total hysterectomy. pala that was reconstructed in '96; a surgical lap sponge that was left inside of my abdoman in May '05 for a month. (good thing I'm too old to have kids) When I was finally able to return to work part time, I was t-boned by a hit & run driver, totalling my Grand Marquis (& they'rebuilt like tanks!). Expand. CHANGE DOCTORS!!! I know, been there, done that, got the side effects to prove it. Was out for sick leave then short term disability till I was forced to take early retirement and do so as medical retirement. Praise God, I'm married to a Godly man that loves me & is still employed. I still have problems with my rt. Due to the amount of Lorocet, loratab, then oxycodine for pain relief I have a number of side effects.

At my highest dose, I would take 120 mg of Oxycontin and 45 mg of Immediate Release Oxycodone every 4 hours (usually 6 times a day, but sometimes only 5 times a day, if I was lucky enough to sleep through the pain at night.) But I have an unusual complication. I developed severe mal-absorption after a surgeon disabled 90% of my intestines. Does anyone else out there have mal-absorption issues? Perhaps after having a gastric-bypass? 10 Aug 2010. So I was really only absorbing 10% of the medications I took.

I may not realize I missed a dose until the pain escalates.I'm doing pretty ok for now, but my disease attacks my brain cells and messes with my memory, it is going to cause early dementia and I am not even 50 yet. That's when I realized there are worse things than being in pain all the time. God Bless You. 16 Feb 2011. I hope you are doing better and I would like to hear more of your long story.

There may be a new procedure that could help you!. The pain management doctor I see is part of a practice that uses many procedures to help people with all kinds of pain - back, knee and hip pain, even fibromyalgia.

percocet is the brand name for oxycodone whether it has acetaminophen in it or not. oxycodone is oxycodone and the brand name for it is percocet.

with addiction, but there are many, many pain patients who need pain medications in order to function at all. Be open and honest with your doctor, most importantly. There is no shame in that. There is a huge problem in the U.S.

Let us know, we are here for support!. That's what my brother takes. 30mg each, up to 4 a day. I forgot to mention my hubby is now 60 & I'm 65 & both our health has gotten even worse! I've been wondering if you meant Oxycotin without tylenol.

I take 10/325 oxycodone. Would yours be equivalent to 8/325 or is it 8 times as strong as mine like 80/325?. I am confused when you say 80mg.

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Thank you so much! I'll do that now. Robert.

Don't sit in pain and don't "up" your intake of your medication without talking with your doctor first. Expand. No one deserves to suffer. There's a big difference between dependence and addiction.

In the smaller doses, the acetaminophen supposedly increases the effectiveness of the oxycodone. Where there is 10mg of oxycodone in yours, there is 80mg in the Oxycontin 80mg. So yes an 80mg oxycodone is 8 times stronger than your 10/325 (which is a whole lot, especially 4x80mg=320mg a day? Man that must be some seeerious pain) And I'm not sure but I think when the dose of oxycodone is that high (80), they don't combine it with Acetaminophen at all. Actually OxyContin is just the name brand for Oxycodone and it can be in several different doses. It's just like Percocet is the name brand for oxycodone/acetaminophen.

maybe mentaly. I eventually ended up in re-hab. worse thing Ive ever been through. which unfortunatly led to a huge monkey on my back. I had the same problem. especially because you cant get phisically addicted. but I know first hand not phisically. I think the addiction was worse than the pain so my heart goes out to you. plus I have artery disease and I think it helps tremendously there because it dialates your blood vessels for better blood flow. My question is have any of you tried cannibus for your pain? I've found that it helps me alot. I think it's time to end all the silly wives tales about a plant that can benifit mankind sooooo much! 7 Aug 2009. I would never. never endorse any drug which could harm a person. even if you have a genuine medical condition these narcotics will eventually make it worse. but in this case I will simply because it really has never harmed anyone. which is much worse. hence the red eyees.

As I lok back on that period of time I don't know how I was able to stand up. AT THE HEIGHT of my painmanagement I was taking 2 Duragesic 100mcg patches everyother day as well as morphine 15 mg 2-4 tab q 6 hrs for breakthrough pain as well as Toradol 60 mg IM for break through pain periodically.

Oxycodone high