How many 30mg Oxycodone pills it take for a Trafficking charge

How many 30mg Oxycodone pills it take for a Trafficking charge

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07:35 | Hannah Hoggarth
Oxycodone 30
How many 30mg Oxycodone pills it take for a Trafficking charge

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How many 30mg Oxycodone pills it take for a Trafficking charge.? + Read More Criminal Defense Attorney.

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About only 14 pills are needed if the pills weigh 300 mg. So if a pill weighs 30 mg then it would take about 134 of those 30 mg pills to weigh 4 g. The lowest trafficking in oxycodone charge is between 4 and 14 grams.

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by Mr. Trabin who also answered this question) is that only the active ingredient counts for purposes of weight under the criminal statute. The common misconception (i.e. This is not true as the criminal statutes punish the entire mixture. This is 100% correct.

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Therefore, if you have more than 40 pills, you will be charged with trafficking. The active ingredient is 30mg, however, the pill contains other ingredients. For a trafficking charge, you must possess at least 4 grams. Each pill weighs approximay 0.10004 grams. Under Florida law, the whole pill is weighed. A 30mg Oxycodone pill does not actually weigh 30mg.

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Oxycodone 30