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How to get prescribed oxycodone 30 mg

I was told that after weaning down from oxycodone that if you took 4mg then step down to 2 mg of dilaudid then stop the dilaudid then the WD's.

I take oxycontin 80 milligrams 3 times a day and oxy codone 30 milligrams eight times a day also xanax to milligrams 3 times a dayI have three ruptured disc in my neck 5 ruptured disc in my lower back I have scoliosis and I can barely walk if it weren't for the oxy codone 30 milligrams I think I would be bedridden and I'm 45 years old surgeons say they will not touch me because I'm a surgical risk the only thing they can do is keep me comfortable on pain medications for the rest of my life if she's in much pain I would definiy ask the doctor to increase her medications because they only work for certain amount of time.

I was told that a pharmacist is ling some chronic pain patients the drug is bieng discontinued... specifically the 2mg dose. A family member has.

Also i can't stress enough how important the oxy is for this process. She cannot function while using the dilaudid so finding a substitute for this terrible pain reliever is crucial to her recovery. I mentioned to her maybe more oxycodone maybe 2 scripts a month or maybe asking for OxyContin. Please give me your input we do not want to ask the doctor simply because she does not want to risk losing the only thing that is helping her. I understand we should indeed relay this through the doctor but I wanted to get other individuals input that have experience with this issue. Thanks.

Pain - My wife has fibromyalgia, she has been suffering from it for quite some time. She has haD neck surgery that didn't help at all. She is currently awaiting a decision to have back surgery but based off of the results from the neck surgery she doesn't want to go through that again. She is prescribed 240 oxycodone 30mg and directed to take 8 a day, and also 180 dilaudid 8mg 6 a day, every month. She has mentioned the oxy works wonders on her pain and provides her with the best pain relief out of everything she has ever tried. However the dilaudid is compley the opposite. It is very short lived, doesn't last very long at all, doesn't provide near as much pain relief as the oxys and she finds herself wanting, well needing to take more than directed. Since she has strong feelings about going against doctors orders she wont take anymore than 6 a day regardless of how bad the pain is. My question is what can she ask her doctor to substitute for the dilaudid while also keeping the same amount of oxys prescribed each month? 6 days ago.

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Why I say this is I am a Fibromyalgia sufferer as well. I also am suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, scoliosis, with degenerative disc disease with 3 bulging discs, and 2 deteriorated. Both shoulders are in need of surgery, compliments of the Boeing jet company. Usually being ambidextrous is a great thing, for me being able to drill with both hands enabled me to trash both shoulders at the same time. A machine now does that drilling on the new 737 cockpit. I've been prescribed a great deal of different kinds of medications in trying to have some sort of quality of life with all the pain. So, for me, it is really important for me to have the least amount of side effects with medications, especially since I will most likely have to take them for the remainder of my life. 8 Jan 2015.

I have a friend who shattered his shoulder and is waiting for surgery. He is in excruciating pain. He is on Dilaudid and it's not helping his.

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I hope she gets past the pain but my experiences is the same i take 30mg roxeycodone and 40mg of oxycontin and iam still in pain yes roxeycodone dors work for the break through pain it help me for about 3/4 hours each time i take it easys but most of the time its like someone is hitting me with.a bat all over, if it wasnt for my doctor describing me my medication I would probably be bedridden sometimes i will skip a dose put up with tears from the excruciating throbbing pain just to get a few more hours of releaf when i take the next dose i would not wish this on anybodyI heard about fentanyl but like your wife I'm afraid to ask for it because I do not want to get kicked off of my medicationis anybody out there any answer or anything please reply to me thank you happy new year.

In my opinion, you are in need of a ER/OP Oxycontin, which is the time release version. And you can just use your instant release, oxycodones for a little relief when you are in need of it. The ER/OPs are the warriors of these medications, it will hold a person up a much longer time, with less side effects the other options.Dilaudids are crap in my opinion too, they are nowhere close to the pain relief as the 30 mg oxycodones.

Hear me out on this, DO NOT go from those medications to fentanyl. I've heard that the patch are great for some people, and works really good for cancer patients, but for chronic pain sufferers they don't work as good. In my opinion they're too radical, and I had an adverse reaction to the fentanyl, which almost cost me my life. Now, i'm in temporary hell, trying to get back to what worked, oxycontin, and oxycodone. I will never fall for that one again, so what about tolerance, I don't care, all I know is that I was functioning some what, now i'm bed-ridden again. 7 Feb 2012.

Dosage of medications is highly above standards set by the DEA and FDA guidelines. 31 Dec 2014.

What have you found out her and I have a lot of the same I would love to talk to her if she don't mind 7 Feb 2012.

She should get most of her pain control with the long acting drug and use the short acting for occasional spikes in pain-for instance, if she is doing a certain activity she knows exacerbates the pain. She is on a lot of medicine already so she should really try not to increase it. She might very well benefit from a rotation to another drug, like the Fentanyl to drive her tolerance to the oxycodone back down so that if she comes back to it after a time, it will work better next time. As far as the new formulation of OxyContin-that is more of a worry with folks who were previously on OxyContin. If she has not been on it all this time then the new formulation wont be an issue. It works fine for people new to it. It is the folks who took the old formulation who notice the difference. The new formulation is effective, it just releases differently than it used to and people who were taking the old formula dont feel it works the same. She, being new to it, wont have a problem. I have been on the same dose for years (of OxyContin and oxycodone 30's for breakthrough) and it still works fairly well for me. She should, most certainly, look into some of the non-opioid pain meds to help enhance her opioids. Things like Lyrica (pregabalin), Neurontin (gabapentin) or Cymbalta (duloxetine). These are anticonvulsant and antidepressant drugs that also work well to decrease pain levels, especially nerve pain which is a great deal of fibromyalgia origins. They help the opioids to work better. She might also try adding an anti-inflammatory like Celebrex, Naproxen, or some other NSAID. Fibro sufferers sometimes benefit from an anti-inflammatory to help their opioid work more efficiently. Oxycodone is EXTREMELY habit forming, especially the short acting form which just floods the opioid receptors. It tends to have more euphoria effects than the long acting and sometimes when people start the long acting form, they dont "feel" the drug the same so they think it isnt working. She needs to judge her pain, not the "feel" of the medication.

Well actually your wrong I'm 22 in united kingdom I'm prescribed 2 60 mg oxycontin a day and 2 10 mg oxycontin and 60 mg of oxycodone oral concentrate for breakthrough daily and diazepam 10 mg twice daily for muscle pain 7 Feb 2012.

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Ok so my wife has fibromyalgia she is prescribed oxycodone 30 mg 6 a day and hydromorphone 4 a day. The oxycodone is great for pain but the dilaudid.

You can not take OxyContin three times a day. Twice daily is max. Do not give bum advice.

All I can say is WOW! She is on a lot of strong pain meds now. I can't believe they are giving her that much already. I don't think you are going to find too many patients that are even receiving as much as she is on. I have a friend that takes 30mg oxy, & 10mg oxy for breakthru well, that's actually my brother, but my friend who is a member of the site takes diludid at 4 to 6 mg. & Opana also, & that is a lot of pain med. I am sorry she is in such pain. The thing is with pain meds is you build a tolerance to your dose, but I can't see a reputable doc giving her more than what she is already on. The oxycontin is time released, & a lot of people say is doesn't work very well because they changed the way it is made to make it where it can't be used by drug abusers. Maybe she needs her pains meds changed to see if there is a difference. One is the fentanyl patch which you wear for 72 hours, & most people get relief with it. Expand.

That is what I thought, I thought since both dilaudid and oxycodone 30mg are for breakthrough pain she would need something that helped her pain for long periods of time like u all mentioned about OxyContin. She has tried lyrica And trust me she will never be taking that again, which I assume is what led her to have both scripts of dilaudid and oxy. Oxycodone is severely addictive, however I believe if strictly using for pain the addiction is less severe. Especially since she never, I mean never, taken more than recommended. So I guess we could ask the doc to replace the dilaudid with something like OxyContin with time release so relief can be felt for a longer period of time without having to take 14 pills a day. As far as fenetyl goes her doctor does not want to give her that I'm not sure his reasoning but the patches have came up in discussion before and was not givin. So I guess OxyContin and or opana is something we should try because the dilaudid just isn't working anymore and she refuses to take more.

I have dilaudid 8mg and they are still not taking away my pain. I was in the hospital for c diff (bacteria in the GI tract) and crohns. They were.

I don't know what kind of medical insurance you have but oxycontin is basically the same thing but is time release. But i was told Medicare won't cover it i am kind of in the same position Medicare is going to cut off my oxycontin.And i am trying to find something to replace it unless they will Increase my oxycodone.i am surprised they give you that high of dosage i had neck trama and now. i have curveture of the spine and my right lung removed from Cancer and i only get 120 15mg oxycodone &60.15mg oxycontin..i ask for zanex it helps with some of my chest pain but they dont believe me.i hope things work out for you.God Bless 24 Oct 2015.

Just l your doctor that they have a duty of care to you and you've exhausted all options say I don't mind starting small and titrating up but I'm at the end of this pain cycle I've tried and failed all options and its time to understand that this is a neccasity.

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Might mention it to her doc. I'm not trying to be a smart a$$, but I'm surprised with the amount of meds she takes that she is even awake most of the time. I wish you the best & her too of course. It is very hard to see your loved one go thru this. My husband & I are both disabled & take pain meds, but not to that degree. Oh, another thing they could try is gabepentin or Lyrica. They are seizure meds that work great on pain. You have to start on them at a low dose & work up to a dose that feels like it is helping. I take the Lyrica & my hubby takes the gabepentin. I wish you the best, & am sure others will be right behind me with better answers to your question... 7 Feb 2012.

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She is on a LOT of pain meds, especially short acting. She may have a better time of it to take long acting oxycodone (OxyContin) and then use the shortacting oxycodone 30's for the breakthrough. This is what I take and it works much better to keep me with even pain relief all day. She would probably do well with 60mg of OxyContin three times a day and then use oxycodone 30mg 4 times or so, a day, as needed, for breakthrough pain. With the OxyContin, she wont need quite so many oxycodone 30mg tabs She wouldnt have so many pain ups and downs. Mary mentioned the Fentanyl patch which is a wonderful idea. It is another that gives good consistent relief for several days. She could still use her oxycodone for breakthrough. I definiy think she should be on a long acting drug with something short acting for breakthrough. Expand.

Cam u please let me know what Dr I need a new pain Dr bad and I'm having problems finding one that is willing to keep me on the oxy cotton everybody wants to take me off of it and I find that it works better than any of the other medications I've been on.

How to get prescribed oxycodone 30 mg