Question about taking pain medications

Question about taking pain medications

Hotoprete.bizHow often can i take 5mg oxycodone
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How often can i take 5mg oxycodone
Question about taking pain medications

Thank you again! Caroline.

So now, she's open to trying Oxycodone, and I told her that I would check with you all first. Her ONC would say yes, of course take the pain medication, but I would still like to know: What has been your experience with this medication? How often do you take it, and what has been your experience getting off it? Thanks, Caroline Caroline.

Thank you, Porter! You answered my question about the time-released pill, too. My mom will feel reassured knowing this information, as do I. Thanks again! Caroline.

Hi Caroline, I was on this pain killer last year after my liver resection for about 3 months. I had no problem coming off the drug at all. I believe when it is working on chronic pain you don't feel many if any side effects. I hated the thought of taking them as well, but you need your strength to concentrate on getting well, pain equals energy expended. Agree with others, should not be driving when on these type of meds. And prune juice is great for constipation if you don't want to take another drug. Best wishes to you and your mum.

Connie, I agree with Caroline that the pain you are experiencing could be from the tumor in the liver. I too hope you can get some relief for this soon. No one should have to deal with pain with all the things available to alleviate it.

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This is so helpful, Kris. Thank you, thank you. After reading your and Mary's responses, I feel quite confident (and happy) about ling my mom to take her pain medication. Caroline Hi Caroline.

Thank you, Mary! So are you taking it 2-3 times a day then? Do you know if you *have* to stick to that dosage or if it would be fine to take it just once a day? Also, my mom was thinking maybe she would cut the pill in half. I was told that would be okay as long as the pill was not a time released product. How would I know that?

I don't mind sharing on the post. Just to be clear...when I first started the 5mg oxycodone - it was to take as needed. If I only felt I needed one a day that was fine. If there were days I felt I didn't need it at all that was fine too. If I needed it more, that was fine too as long as I took it betweem the 4-6 hours in between. So when you take it, don't take it again until at least four hours have passed. Of course, all this should be clarified with your mom's doctor along with the question about cutting the pill for half a dose. Some pills you can cut others you can't. Only your mom's doctor can say what's best for her.

Any input from you all would be much appreciated.

However, she says she has a constant pain in her middle abdomen and the place where she got her stent surgery. The pain level is around 3.5. She does have a high tolerance for pain, but when I just talked to her, she said she's always thinking about the discomfort, which is making her feel irritable and unhappy (sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night because of the pain). She was initially concerned about getting addicted to pain medication, but I told her that maybe a happier & healthier state of mind is more important at this point than that worry (we also had a good laugh at the possibility of my mom becoming addicted to anything).

I would not cut them in half! The slow release ones (Oxycontin) must not be cut at all (because they would release the ingredients dangerously quick) and the quick release ones are (at least here in the UK) filled capsules which you couldn't really half properly.

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Thank you, KrisV. This is really helpful.

Caroline - I have taken Oxycodone off and on for years due to a fouled up knee surgery years ago. I can definiy say I an NOT addicted to it but it makes life so much better at times. The medications are usually prescribed as every 4-6 hours AS NEEDED for pain so you only take it when the pain is really to a point that it makes you uncomfortable. If at night seems to be the worst then maybe just one at night before she goes to bed and see how that does. The other way is to use that pain scale of 0-10 with 0 being no pain and 10 the worst pain she ever has....pick a number that she doesn't like it getting higher than like say 4 and dose as it gets to 4 or is at 4. Keep track of when she takes it and how well it works ie she took it a 9am at a 6 and it made it a 2. That helps you decide when you need to ask for an increased dose. There is nothing wrong with asking for an increased dose either, it does not mean addiction it just means your body is having more pain and it will take more to achieve the same effect. Your body also gets used to the pain med so it may take more to achieve the same results.

If she's allright with the 5mg Oxycodone and wants to lower the dose (if the pain is not too bad) she could perhaps try and increase the time gap to 8 hours. But doctors tend to work out the right dose by titration (hope this is the correct English word for it) which means they start with a certain dose (usually the 4 - 6 hour intervall) which can then be adjusted (higher or lower) depending on the pain relief effect.

So as long as your mum does not take anti-depressants or sleeping tablets she should be fine with the Oxycodone 5mg. To cope with constant pain can be very exhausting and one does need pain relief. If she doesn't have a history of drug or alcohol abuse it is extremely unlikely that the will become addicted to it in any way.

When I first started experiencing pain, my doctor put me on oxycodone, 5mg every 4-6 hours as needed. I, too, was reluctant to take it and felt I could deal with the pain. The doctor explained to me that if I let the pain get out of control, it makes it more difficult to manage. Also, the pain saps a lot of energy from you which you don't need when dealing with this disease. It still took me awhile to get use to taking the oxycodone but I did.

I didn't have this issue with the 5mg oxycodone, but some people have an issue with constipation. So if your mom decides to take it, she needs to talk to her doctor about that possibility and maybe start a regimen of laxatives/stool softeners with the pain med.

Caroline, I was also reluctant to rely on oxycodone. I was told to be careful driving while taking it. But I was also told that pain is detrimental, so I should take it if necessary. I usually took 1 or 2 a day... But mostly 1 at night. Oh, and it is 5 mg. I am allowed 1-3 for pain every 6 hours or so. I find that IF I take any, that 1 is fine.

My daughter had back pain quite frequently. I was always concerned she might have a tumor on her spine. Nothing ever showed up on scans and the doctors said it was probably because her liver was enlarged. She took morphine for pain and it did make it more tolerable. I am hoping you find relief. Hugs, -Pam Pamela's Website Pages 1.

I am now on more pain meds due to the growth of my tumors and their locations where they're pressing on other organs and causing more pain. I started a new chemo regimen on 11/8 and am hoping this will help shrink the tumors and therefore help the pain. I am taking 30mg of OxyContin twice a day - 12 hours apart. In between, I can still take the 5mg oxycodone if I feel I need it. Some days I do but most days lay I do fine with the 30mg OxyContin 8am and 8pm. Hope this helps. Mary.

In addition to all the helpful answers, here is something from Sloan-Kettering on this topic just in case anyone else in the future might have the same question I did. … -treatment Hi everyone.

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I had to revive this post because my mom's been in so much more pain these days. Her new ONC at Mass General decided to switch her pain medication to OxyContin from Oxycodone. The doc said my mom could still take Oxycodone for any breakthrough pain.

Caroline, I don't like Meds either but sometimes and especially with CC Mary nailed it. A CC patient who is having any discomfort at all needs to take what ever works as you need your energy to fight the CC not the pain. BTW do not do anything without asking the ONC. One must always ask their ONC about any changes. Mary, Kris and Porter you are fine examples of the geniuses in our family, everyone on this Board has graduated from CC 101. Caroline the longer one waits to be pain free the worse it is to get it under control. I am wishing for your Mom's pain to be gone!

Also remember that constipation can become as issues as she takes more pain meds. Plenty of fluids and moving around as she can. If it becomes a big issue let us know...there are lots of suggestion to help with that.

Love to all, Caroline.

My mother generally doesn't like taking medications, so she hasn't been taking any painkillers since her chemo treatment started about a month ago even though she was prescribed Oxycodone (5 mg 1-2 a day every 4-6 hours).

My first priority is for my mom not to be in pain, but I also don't want to put her in any kind of danger by pushing her to take more pain medication than she needs just because OxyContin might not work as quickly as Oxycodone does.

Caroline - Sounds like you are doing exactly what she needs right now. My rule of thumb with the pain meds is that as long as you aren't waking her up to give her pain medications that you are not giving her too much. If you have to wake her up to give her pain meds then she probably does not need them....most people will not sleep if their pain is too bad.

Hang in there and we are always here if you have any questions. KrisV.

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Good luck and remember that those news reports you see are sensationalized and the oxycodone/oxycontin are safe medications when taken as directed. KrisV.

The other thing I suggest is using the pain scale, 0 is no pain and 10 is the worst. Have her pick a number that she does not like her pain to get higher than and take the oxycodone when her pain gets close to that number. Keep a written record of when she takes pain meds (both types), what and how much she took, her pain level before taking and her pain after about a hour. A pain diary like that will help the doctor with pain management.

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Caroline, Glad you got some answers and are now more comfortable with your mom's pain meds scheduling. I feel like comfort and pain management is one of the most important things for her. Love, Darla Hi Connie.

Don't worry about the fact that they may have to increase the dosage or the timing as things go on. Our bodies get used to the pain meds so they lose effectiveness.

Hi Caroline I too was reluctant to taking the oxycodone. In fact I was given Oxycontin (controlled release) for around the clock pain and then switched to the oxycodone (instant release). I have realized that it is best to stay on top of the pain as most of us have heard it's harder to manage if we let if go too long. Abdominal pain is still my only symptom with my ICC and the oxycodone has really been a relief for the pain. I do take a natural laxative Senacoat to help with the constipation. I also eat before or with my meds because it can make me feel a little nauseous and sometimes suppress my appetite if I don't. I take 10mg 2 sometimes 3x's a day depending on my pain. I would imagine start at any dose she is comfortable with and if she wanted to start off smaller that would be fine and she could adjust accordingly. I started with 5mg but noticed my pain is better controlled with 10mg. Blessings and good luck. Porter.

My mom started taking OxyContin last night, and it hasn't really been doing much. So she took 5 mg of Oxycodone this morning (along with 10 mg of OxyContin). She started to feel pain again in the afternoon, so she took another 5 mg of Oxycodone. She then took 10 mg of OxyContin after dinner (around 7:30 p.m.). But she was worried that she won't be able to sleep because of the pain, so she took 10 mg of Oxycodone before going to bed (around 9:30 p.m.). In all, that's 35 mg of Oxycodone/OxyContin today. Is that too much? Does OxyContin take a while to be effective, especially for people who are used to taking Oxycodone?

Biggest side effect is constipation and there are a variety of over the counter things you can do to counteract that. The other one that happens occasionally with some people is that it makes people jittery and awake rather than tired and sleepy. If that happens ask for another med. The first couple of times she takes she should monitor carefully how she feels and definiy not drive until she knows how it affects her.

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And Connie, my mom's been feeling the pain exactly where you're describing. Her PCP told her it was from the tumor in her liver. Maybe it's something called referred pain? And my mom's pain is definiy not psychosomatic either. She did find relief from the pain medications and acupuncture before she came to Boston. I hope you find some relief soon yourself.

(Btw, my mom started her Cabozantinib trial at Mass General yesterday. Today is her day two, and she hasn't had any side effects from the drug so far. We go in for her biomarkers test tomorrow.) Thank you, Caroline.

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7 a.m. 10 mg OxyContin 10 a.m. 5 mg Oxycodone 3 p.m. 5 mg Oxycodone 7 p.m. 10 mg OxyContin 9 p.m. 5 mg Oxycodone.

Love & Peace, Mary.

I am a big fan of using pain medications when one is in pain. There is so much negativity about pain meds due to the media (some of it understandable and justified) but there is no reason for one to be in pain. Always remember if you have any effects that you don't like on one medications there are others.

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Roseq, welcome from way across the water! Congratulations on your resection and hoping you are doing very well, sounds like it. We are happy to hear of your success and thank you for chiming in to help. Wishing you a ton of success and we would love to hear from you as you keep progressing.

Just to be clear, this is the timeline for her pain medication today:

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Remember that the Oxycontin is a long acting pain medication and is designed to be take 2 times daily regardless of her pain level then she can take the oxycodone as needed in between (or at the same time if needed). Your doc will probably increase the Oxycontin slowly to help with the pain control. The goal is to get the bulk of her pain control with the longer-acting stuff and use the shorter acting once in a while. It can take 3-4 doses of the Oxycontin before it really kicks in and gets high enough in the blood.

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Do you mind sharing what some of the adjustments you had to make were from taking oxycodone? If you'd rather not in a public forum, would you mind ing me at ?

I am not a friend of medication at all but there are times when it's needed. My boyfriend has to take the Oxycodone too to control the pain a bone met causes. For a start he only took the 5mg Oxynorm (which are the quick release ones) every 4 - 6 hours and we did in fact have some problems about him being "very keen" on them at the beginning and I had to control the dose he was taking and could not allow him any self service on them. If I had not controlled it he would have taken them after 2 hours... ling me he was in agony whilst dancing and singing in the kitchen. We even had to admit him to hospital to get a proper pain management without him acting strange sorted out (additionally he developed an infection which complicated things). But this seems to happen only in very rare cases and the doctor was ling us that in his case it might have been due to the combination of Oxycodone, anti-depressants and sleeping tablets. He felt really funny and also had problems with shallow breathing and wheezing. This combination seemed to be a dangerous one. Since he is off the anti-depressants and sleeping tablets there are no problems associated with the Oxycodone anymore. At the moment he is on the Oxycontin (slow release ones) 10mg twice a day and only has to "top-up" some days in between with one of the quick release Oxycodone 5mg. He is coping well and the only side effect is constipation. He is taking linseed in his cereal in the morning and most days this seems to do the job so only sometimes Senokot are needed.

How often can i take 5mg oxycodone