I am allergic to Codeine yet my doctors gave me a prescription for

I am allergic to Codeine yet my doctors gave me a prescription for

Hotoprete.bizDoes oxycodone have codeine in it
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Does oxycodone have codeine in it
I am allergic to Codeine yet my doctors gave me a prescription for

Furthermore, all opioids are capable of inducing PSEUDOALLERGIC reactions by triggering the release of histamine from mast cells. Developing a mild rash though non-immunologic mechanisms (immunologic involves IgE and accounts for most anaphylaxis) is not common, but does occur. This may add to the confusion patients have regarding "opioid allergies"

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3) Dosage adjustments might be considered. This is a rough estimate (prodrugs alter this formula). 5mg Oxycodone = 10mg Hydrocodone = 60mg Codeine Ranges of Prescription Drugs Codeine in Tylenol 15-60mg Hydrocodone in Vicodin/Norco 5-10mg Oxycodone in Percocet 2.5-10mg.

You might consider Vicodin (5/500mg) over Percocet (5mg/325mg) due to less opioid activity and more aspirin 21 Sep 2012.

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Although oxycodone and hydrocodone are semi-synthetic opioids, they are very similar to codeine. They are all categorized under the SAME chemical class of opioids called phenanthrenes. If one is truly allergic (not pseudoallergic) to a drug in this category, it is best to avoid ALL opioids in this group. Thus, a true allergic reaction to codeine (Tylenol 1-4) would render you highly vulnerable to both oxycodone (Percocet) and hydrocodone (Vicodin). There may be a very slight possibility for a person to be allergic to codeine but not oxycodone/hydrocodone. However, if your body mounts an allergic response, it will most likely be unable to distinguish between the very similar chemical structures. Expand.

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It's not for me to say it's safe, but I can l you they're different, and if your Dr knows of your allergy and has half a brain you should be ok, but it wouldn't hurt to express your concerns to the Dr. Hope this helps. 21 Sep 2012.

I have been taking percocet 5-325mgs for 6 yrs, I had to go to a pain management doctor and show him all of my medications after explaining to him that I take 6 oxycodone percocet a day he told me that there was no way I should be taking that medication if I was allergic to coating because oxycodone percocet has codeine in it and I told him that there was no way. Because I'm highly allergic to codeine and this medication does not affect me the way coding does and he told me he was the doctor and as it did that he had to have medical records from my doctor saying why I was taking this medication and then after getting this information would find a medication to get to me to help control my pain how stupid is a pain management doctor have to be to know that oxy codone does not contain coating I want someone to respond to this with information that I can point out that straight oxycodone and park or percocetdoes not contain codeine please thank you very much.

I do not want to trivialize any adverse reactions people are experiencing or convince people with true allergies that they don't have one. Many confuse intolerance with severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) warranting discontinued use of opioids in the same class. Tolerance to hydrocodone/oxycodone and having an "allergic reaction" to codeine is most likely due to other factors such as metabolism, dosage, and drug mechanism (via mu, kappa, delta receptors).

2) The codeine and hydrocodone are metabolized by an enzyme called CYP2D6. There are individual and ethnic variables that makes some slow or ultra-rapid metabolizers. This affects the level of analgesia or severity/onset of adverse reactions. Furthermore, certain medications (heart, antidepressants, etc) can affect these drugs. Also worth noting is the fact that oxycodone is metabolized by CYP2D6 (to oxymorphone), but is primarily metabolized by CYP3A4. Researching drug-drug interactions and genetic differences may be beneficial for highly intolerant people.

Hello ladylovespink, Welcome to the site. There are some very real people on here, who will help you out any way they can. I won't add more than what Pledge said, due to he is the Genious in my opinion. But wanted to for sure encourage you on finding the right answers and hope you get to feeling better soon. We hate for anyone to hurt. Take care, and best wishes to you. Your Friend Ruthie.

I'm allergic to Codeine too, but can take percocet with no problem! Percocet, Hydrocodone, etc, is usually what they prescribe to ppl who are allergic to codeine. Oxycodone is a synthetic and as I said it is usually prescribed to people who are allergic to codeine. You should be fine. good luck! 22 Sep 2012.

... which is "Oxycodone and Acetomenophin" as you know. Is Oxycodone the same as Codeine? Or Is it different and safe to use? 21 Sep 2012.

Prescribed to me after a car accident resulting in a broken collar bone & a few broken ribs (T-boned by drunk driver). It says "Generic For:

I'm allergic to all codene or other prescription pain meds. I have chronic pain and I take only an anti imflamatory medication for it. This.

Kaismama is correct. I am allergic to codeine but I can take oxycodone just fine. Oxycodone is a semisynthetic alkaloid derived from thebaine where codeine is a natural alkaloid of morphine from the opium poppy. There is a good chance you can take oxycodone in spite of the codeine allergy unless you are allergic to all opioids. Oxycodone and codeine are different drugs. Is your codeine allergy a true allergy-either rash or difficulty breathing, swelling of the face or airway? Or is it an intolerance like nausea, dizziness, vomiting? Most people who think they have an allergy to codeine actually just have an intolerance to it.

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Hello ladylovespink. Welcome to the site. They are different and yes, safe and effective to being taken. I hope you become/get to feeling pain ASAP. Regards pledge.

Considerations/Alternatives 1) Tramadol does not fit in the standard opioid classes. As an atypical opioid, this unique analgesic is one alternative for TRUE allergies.

Just because they both have the letters cod in them does not make them the same. Being allergic to one does not mean you will be allergic to the other. 21 Sep 2012.

Just got my prescription but never saw them like this? Are they real percocet or oxycodone with Apap?

I tore my shoulder over a year ago and am still looking at 6 months at least for surgery. I have been living in constant pain as I am allergic to all.

Thanks for Pledge's answer. My question is after a long time of being on Norco, it no longer helps as much and Percocet doesn't seem to either. What the heck do you do for the pain then. Aleve makes me sick and i have liver cancer in my family. I don't know what else to do. 21 Sep 2012.

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My mother is 82 and is very active in the community. a couple years ago she started having lower back pain. The doctors told her she has arthritis.

Does oxycodone have codeine in it