5mg oxycodone

A realistic Oxycodone dosage?

04:39 | Matthew Adderiy
5mg oxycodone
A realistic Oxycodone dosage?

The VA doc had prescribed me 5mg of Oxycodone, 3 times a day. It was not helping much. When I went to this new doc, he gave me a prescription for 20 mg of.

If I was in a legalized marijuana state, I would probably try that. I understand I could cut down my opioid by 50% and increase my quality of life. Now that the VA will let you stay in a Pain Management clinic if you follow your state laws you can do this. In NY, we are still waiting. I don't know about your state, but look into it. I hear from other Vets with Nerve damage like mine, it would help, but I cannot risk it and break my PM contract with the VA. They do give you a Tox screening. I have had one in the beginning and now have one coming up next month.

I have a 5mg pill of oxycodone, is it worth it? Drugs

06:59 | Ethan Adamson
5mg oxycodone
I have a 5mg pill of oxycodone, is it worth it? Drugs

My mate just gave me a 5mg pill of oxycodone, wondering if 5mg is worth it? What effects will I feel? For context, I just finished working out an.

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5mg isn't much I'd just sell it then.

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You took 200mg of oxycodone and didn't feel anything? I'm not too sure about that.

it's a low dose but it'll do something. take it now, save it for when you have a headache, fuck it, take it and go to work. if you don't take opioids very often you'll definiy feel something.

You do realize that Oxycontin is oxycodone, right?

I don't know what drugs you normally use but 5mg of oxy will be really subtle.

Oxycontin. - Pain Medications

01:11 | Olivia Holiday
5mg oxycodone
Oxycontin. - Pain Medications

Iam taking Oxycodone HCL 5 mg. I take 2 every 6 hours. I think it works better for me than Oxycontin, extend release. I just switched as the.

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Is a 5 mg oxycodone equal to a 10 mg hydrocodone?

03:29 | Olivia Holiday
5mg oxycodone
Is a 5 mg oxycodone equal to a 10 mg hydrocodone?

Hi Jenn:* Are you talking about long-acting oxycodone (oxycontin ER -extended release), or IR which is instant release?* The first is used 2-3.

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Tramadol (50mg) Oxycodone (5mg)

03:31 | Hannah Hoggarth
5mg oxycodone
Tramadol (50mg) Oxycodone (5mg)

What dose would be good for oxy and tramadol together? Maybe 10mg oxy and 1 50mg capsule of IR tramadol? 3) The usual therapeutic dose of Tramadol for pain relief is 100mg, so try taking 200mg without Oxy to see if you enjoy it first.

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